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  • Sale! QMS Medicosmetics - Sport Active Cream 1 oz/ 30 ml

    QMS Medicosmetics – Sport Active Cream


    The combination of a skin-perfecting light tint, SPF and hydrating formula make this an ideal day cream. An exclusive combination of vitamins, UV filters and an intelligent pigment that smoothly blends and enhances complexions of every tone, make this a moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and fit all year round. Its unique formulation helps to cover imperfections, give a naturally fresh look and protect from sun damage.

  • QMS - Exfoliant Fluid

    QMS – Exfoliant Fluid


    The QMS Exfoliant Fluid is an enzyme exfoliator formulated with 10% fruit acids, to support the skin renewal process. It improves skin texture by removing dead skin cells and stimulating new cell production. Effectively preparing the skin for optimal collagen and subsequent skin care product absorbtion.

    Directions: Apply to damp skin, after cleansing. Massage gently and leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Use 2 -3 times a week initially.