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  • Sale! anti wrinkle + energizing under-eye masks

    Grace and Stella – Anti wrinkle + Energizing under-eye Mask

    R49.00 R35.00

    It’s like an energy drink for your eyes!

    “You look tired” is not something anyone wants to hear. A full 8-hours of sleep or not, grace & stella’s anti-wrinkle + energizing under-eye masks are here to give you the appearance of someone who wakes up flawless.

    The skin under our eyes is delicate and sensitive, highly prone to fine lines and dark circles, and our eye masks are filled with nutrient-rich minerals to revitalize and rejuvenate this area, giving you a youthful, awakened glow. We work to depuff those damn under-eye bags (and keep them in the fridge for that extra cooling effect!)

    We use only plant-based collagen, vitamin C, rose oil, and hyaluronic acid in formulating our fragrance-free, firming, and hydrating eye-masks.

    Always vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

    1 Pair