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  • RIFFI - Original Exfoliating Glove

    RIFFI – Original Exfoliating Glove


    Riffi was the first company in the world to present this fiber as a massage glove, making it the inventor of the massage glove.
    The quality and structure of the riffi massage fiber is still unmatched and therefore unique on the world market.

    A daily riffi massage is beneficial, tones and cleanses the body.
    The stimulating massage gets the circulation going and activates the connective tissue. Active connective tissue transports waste products out of the cells. The effect: firm and smooth skin.
    The Classic riffi fiber is particularly strong and cleanses the skin pore-deep, skin impurities are effectively removed, the skin appears smoother and clearer.

  • Frank Body - Body Balm

    Frank Body – Body Balm


    A rich oil balm spiked with coffee seed extract to hydrate dry skin while working magic on stretch marks, scars, and marks. Works best after scrubbing on your bod or on hair, lips, and cuticles for a nourishing boost.