Empower yourself with BoxFit Gym

Box Fit Gym

Empower yourself with BoxFit Gym

By Deshini Harry

27 September 2021

I have been through enough to say that I have been knocked out by life and could not even get up to the count of 10. Officially game over and I had to literally start up my life all over again. It has been just over 6 years later and I still have my low moments, anger and resentment but I continue to never give up on life.

I have done meditation and yoga but taking up boxing never really crossed my mind as I’ve always viewed it as a “men’s sport” where they end up in blood, sweat and tears. However, in recent years boxing has become the latest fitness trend where you can learn the sport without having to jump in the ring with an opponent. It’s also become more popular with women who want to get fit, lose weight, get all your anger out and most importantly heal what is broken.

There are many gyms that offer boxing lessons and other small venues but the place that caught my eye was BoxFit Gym by Rina. It’s a boutique boxing gym located in Glenhazel, Johannesburg. Rina who owns the company is a woman who you’re able to relate to. She’s had her fair share of struggles and fought her way to personal freedom and happiness. You feel this energy when you walk into her gym and through the excellent coaches who live and breath #FindYourStrong.

Rina, BoxFit Gym

My experience – 1st session

I got to the gym and was greeted by Coach Simon who had more than just a “punch a bag” activity in store for me. My first session involved learning some boxing basics, strengthening exercises, boxing time and a cool down. Here’s the thing, it’s not just a fitness session. I burnt calories, learnt some life lessons, got all my frustrations out on the boxing bag and left there feeling so energised.

After my session, it was life and work as normal but something changed in me. I noticed that just after 1 session, I felt more centred and strong when it came to dealing with negative people and situations that followed. Life will always be filled with a mix of people/situations but you get to choose how you react to what may come your way. It is easier said than done but that is where boxing comes in. It gives you that super power! Now that is finding your strong!

Join me on my journey with BoxFit Gym as we learn the game of life. It’s a truly profound, confidence-building experience. Click here to enquire directly with BoxFit Gym on how to join and also find out about their Women Empowerment Program.

Tip: Wear comfortable workout clothes and shoes. Take a bottle of water and a gym towel. Remember to believe in YOU!

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