Valentine’s Day 2021 – 6 at Home Ideas!

Valentine's Day 2021
By Clueless Central

02 February 2021

As the saying goes…..there’s no place like home! This rings true even more so during the pandemic. We’ve composed a list of ideas on how to celebrate at home or safely outdoors away from the crowds.

1. Cook up a romantic dinner together!

There is something special about creating a meal together. Set the mood! Light some candles. Decorate the dining area or have a picnic set up indoors or in your garden.

Order a meal kit from companies that deliver all the ingredients with a recipe to follow – UCook and Daily Dish offer this on a subscription basis. You can also take a recipe from your favourite celebrity chef, get the ingredients the day before, do the prep and get cooking together on Valentine’s day. Not a fan of cooking? Think ready-made pizza dough and toppings to create the ultimate heart shaped pizzas!

2. Explore the outdoors

There are many places across the country where you can safely enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, cycling or a romantic picnic.

Find the ideal place or hiking trail on All Trails! All Trails is a superb website with all the details you need for almost all the trails and nature reserves in South Africa! #BookmarkThat

3. Virtual Concert with Josh Groban!

$32 will get you access to a live virtual concert with the one and only Josh Groban. You can get tickets directly on his website!

We suggest getting tickets to the 8pm GMT concert which will be 10pm in South Africa or get the 8pm AEDT tickets which will be 11am in South Africa. Triple check the dates and times when booking.

4. Netflix & Chill

An all time favourite – popcorn, drinks, candy and you’re all set!

Binge watch a romantic series or your all time favourite rom coms. Take the time to make this delish Valentine’s popcorn….yes you heard right…Valentine’s popcorn – click here! #NomNom

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5. Game on!

Put together a snack platter and pull out the board games!

We love the large selection on Takealot. Ticket to Ride Europe is a personal favourite!

6. Dance the night away!

Slow dance, hip hop, waltz or whatever tickles your fancy. Dim the lights, set the music and dance the night away to your own playlist!

If you prefer dining out, check out Where to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021!

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