Where is Boxy? The results are in!

Where is Boxy?

Let’s start with a confession….we tried to do a video to show Where is Boxy? and we never published it because it never came out quite right!🤭 It’s most certainly not easy putting together a video in a creative and fun way. So trust us when we say, we know it was fun but also hard work, tons of courage required and so much more to put yourself out there.

We are truly blown away by the creative minds of all you SA Charmers. You really took this challenge to a whole new level.

We are also really glad that we left you to decide on the winner because we would not have been able to choose just one winner. However, if we were to categorize each video, it would be something like this…. 😉

Cuteness overload: Ameerah

Proudly South African: Chantell

Artsy crafty: Carmen

Fashionable: Cecilia

Funny: Zaakira

Zen vibes: Kimmi

Creative genius: Zhuqueelah

Cool destination: Tamy

Vacay vibes: Gabriella

As for Ansulette, we hope she passed her law exam and we really happy to know that in her busy schedule, there is always time for Boxy!

The results are in and the winner will be announced on all our Social Media platforms, 14 February 2020, 2.30pm.

Thank you to each and every one of you who entered this Giveaway, those that took time to vote and view the awesome talent.

*Competition organized and prizes sponsored by Clueless Central.

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