Natasha Hardcastle gives us the scoop on the AIP Diet!

Natasha Hardcastle

The fun-loving, whimsical Scientist and reality show star from The Bachelor SA, Natasha Hardcastle, tells us all we need to know about this buzzing diet – AIP.

However, for Natasha it’s not a fad diet but a necessity, “I have Hashimotos autoimmune disease, it’s a condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid, a small gland at the base of your neck. At first I was upset as it’s not something that you plan for, but knowing what is happening in my body helped me understand how to approach it in the best way possible.”

This is where the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet comes into play and it’s aimed at those who suffer with an autoimmune disease but anyone can follow this diet as it has extraordinary effects on the body.

The AIP diet assists in restoring your digestive function and it’s a natural and gentle way to detox your body. Now that all sounds good but what else can it do?

– Assists with weight loss. This diet plan re-aligns hormones and reduces complex carb intake, but Natasha warns that the first week will be tough.

Eliminates bloating since you will not be having a lot of spices on this diet.

– It is also a great for anti-aging because it focuses on reducing inflammation.

Natasha’s typical daily menu:

Breakfast: A smoothie with coconut yoghurt & she usually uses the baby foods from woolies in her concoctions. 🥥

Morning Snack: Sweet Potato or a fruit 🍎

Lunch: Chicken salad with Avo (no nightshades like tomatoes & bell peppers). Follow her on Instagram for more meal ideas.

Afternoon Snack: Biltong

Supper: A cup of warm bone broth and a broccoli, celery, cauliflower rice and grass fed meat stir fry.

When her sugar cravings kick in, her go-to snack is a drizzle of honey on a Gluten free sweet potato rice cake and a Turmeric coconut latte. #yum

“Keep hydrated with lots of water with lemon. NO FIZZY DRINKS!”

Tip: No coffee or alcohol is allowed during the Elimination stage of the diet, so Natasha suggests having green tea instead of coffee and kombucha in place of alcohol.

Natasha’s best & simplest AIP recipe!

Sweet potato fries (pre-cut is quicker) with some olive oil – bake in the oven until brown. She whips up a creamy avocado dip using a nutribullet #KitchenGoals – Blend together 1 ripe avocado, 1 tsp coconut yoghurt, a bit of lemon juice and some Herbimare celery salt.

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