The Women Tell All (Nothing at All) on The Bachelor SA.

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If you’ve watched all 23 seasons of The Bachelor US or just a few shows, then we bet you were just as disappointed as we were with the Women Tell All part on the final episode of The Bachelor SA, Season 1.

The Women Tell All” is exactly that on the US show but the SA version was quite dull and monotonous. It was all pretty much focused on a diary that went missing in an earlier episode, that no one really cares about anymore and it appeared they tip toed around the other engrossing things that took place on the show🧐.

The only part of the Women Tell All that was honest and relevant confrontation, was when Shelly and Nontombi questioned Lee. He struggled to answer their question and the topic was abruptly changed to something even more uninteresting, so much so, that we cannot recall what it was 🙄.

Then came the Final rose part of the episode. This is where we wish we recorded the episode and watched it later, so we could fast forward to this part!

The one thing they did do right is keeping the Winner a secret. Brilliant!💯 We published SPOILER ALERT – THE BACHELOR SOUTH AFRICA! THE FINAL ROSE GOES TO……. when we noticed that Jozaan’s insta posts was mostly about her relationship with Lee, little did we know she was heartbroken😔. She was blindsided and so were we💔. Her reaction when Lee did not give her the final rose was probably the most real part of the entire show. You could literally feel her sadness, heartache and confusion. It broke our heart.

However, our spirits were lifted when we saw how happy Gina was to receive the final rose and we got our answer to SIX YEARS LATER AND THEIR PATHS CROSS AGAIN. IS THE BACHELOR SA, LEE DESTINED TO BE WITH GINA?…..we were exhilarated that they found love at the end of this journey but then BOOM….they announced that they broke up!

We literally went from bored out of our mind to heartbroken & sad to over joyed & happy and then back to heartbroken and devastated in 90 minutes, so I would say overall it was a pretty good first season to get that many reactions in one go but sadly love was not found. What was found, appeared to be friendship and memories amongst the ladies and that is a happily ever after in itself 🌹 .

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Dear South Africa. Dear Lee. Dear me. This day was truly special. In so many different ways. I do understand that the end was a shock. Im sorry to have disappointed anyone. But I will never be sorry for standing up for what I believe. And what I deserve. This for me, is just the beginning. On this day, Lee helped me realise that dreams do come true. The bachelor SA helped me realised that I am a hopeless romantic who is ready for love. The girls from the show helped me realise empowering others does NOT mean you have to step on other peoples toes to get there. Just … BE YOURSELF. On this day, I felt more love than I have in ever. And actually, a lot of hurt knowing Jozaan was hurting. Watching Jozaan on the episode last night broke my heart in a million little pieces. She has become a huge part of my life. And it killed me knowing that she was hurting. On this day, I found love for myself. I found a peace within me. That I never knew existed. This entire experience was honestly one of the toughest of my life. And it’s not over. I am ok with that. This story isn’t over. Lee, you have been a very big part of my heart and of my life. This will always be the path that I know we were meant to be on together. Thank you for choosing me to be on it with you. Thank you for opening up my heart. And opening up my eyes. I didn’t realized how closed I was before. Thank you to every single person who has been so supportive and kind. I feel your love. My goal was never to disappoint anyone. Neither was Lees, but this decision has to be made based on hearts. Not on a tv screen. I have no regrets. As broken as my heart was, I am ok. I am content. Lastly, keep believing in love. Fairytales exist. And I’m still living mine. #thebachelorsa

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