Six years later and their paths cross again. Is The Bachelor SA, Lee destined to be with Gina?


We are hopeless romantics and as we approaching the end of the Bachelor SA, Season 1, we await with excitement for the final rose to be handed out by Lee Thompson.

Only 3 ladies are left, who will he decide is the one for him? Could it perhaps be celebrity makeup artist, Gina?

Is it a sign that they destined to be together, 6 years later?

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All the boys from Cosmo sexiest @CosmopolitanSA

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You probably thinking we are stalkers going way back but we actually not and genuinely quite clueless, so much so that when the image above popped up as a message to us, we looked at it and closed it….not sure what it was about. 😕 Then it clicked…..we were stalkers……but of the Cosmos sexiest men calendars….who wasn’t? 😍

Throwback to 2013, do you remember who you voted for?

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We are addicted to the Cosmopolitan SA magazine and of course, we enjoyed the Cosmos sexiest men calendar! This was no exception in 2013, where Lee Thompson was featured and met the beautiful Gina, well so it appears in the first photo. Small world….I know right….how romantic is that and now they meet again on the Bachelor SA show💘. There is clearly chemistry between them, will they fall in love this time around? Was there a connection when they first met? Is this a start of a fairy tale?

I guess we will have to wait and watch the upcoming episodes. We will be there, front row on our couch, cheese and wine this time – Thursday, 25th April at 7pm – it’s a date!

Lee Thompson at the Cosmo Sexiest Man Event, 2013. Still looking good!

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