Is The Bachelor SA contestant Jacqueline, looking for someone to dote on her?

Jacqueline Ramos-Pinto

Jacqueline Ramos-Pinto, better know as “Jax Panic” on the The Bachelor SA, Season 1 is not just a lady looking for love……she is building an EMPIRE, one leather handbag at a time, Dote Collection!

We can all relate to the desire of searching for our happily ever after but we can relate even more when it comes to……Luxury Saffiano Leather handbags, Makeup bags and Monograms! 💘Roses are dreamy but leather……our eyes light up, we get goosebumps and the man that comes to mind is not Lee Thompson but MICHAEL KORS…….I’m sure Lee is remarkable but we talking Saffiano leather here….Handbags FIRST! 🙌Priorities ladies……priorities! 😉

“The name Dote came about from my desire to create a brand that would embody a sense of self-love, of allowing oneself to feel loved, spoilt and unique.”

Jacqueline Ramos-Pinto

Why we’re crazy about Dote Collection?

It’s high-end authentic leather handbags that won’t break the bank. It comes in 3 finishes to choose from – Saffiano, Smooth and Croc. You can monogram any item with free range, you’re not limited to the number of letters you can choose and best of all, you can include emoji’s too 🤗

Dote Collection offers this personalisation feature allowing you to own an item that is notably and uniquely yours. This ties into Jacqueline’s personality and pretty much who she is, which is Panicky-Calm, Loud-Quiet, Scared-Brave and as she says….

“sometimes a walking contradiction”

….and you know why we admire Jacqueline? Because she’s OKAY with that and strongly believes that EVERY girl deserves to be seen and loved for every version of herself!

As women, we have a lot of pressure from society, magazines and the world telling us how to be perfect, successful, happy etc but if anything, Jax has showed us that we can simply just BE… that’s empowering!

Okay now back to leather handbags…..that is also part of self love ❤. Double note that! Trust us on this one, there is nothing more comforting than a gorgeous personalised luxury handbag! With that said, we have some great news for you!

Insta Giveaway!

One lucky fan will receive a personalised Dote leather handbag, compliments of the Designer herself, Jacqueline Ramos-Pinto. There is more, Clueless Central will throw in some Makeup Goodies from Top International Brands.🎁😃 Click here to enter now!

See more on Jax below and click here to visit Dote Collection.

11 thoughts on “Is The Bachelor SA contestant Jacqueline, looking for someone to dote on her?

  1. Ursula says:

    Converted after this. I’m now a Jacky fan! It’s good that you stayed true to who you are and didn’t change for the show or other people. You go girl.

    • Jacqueline says:

      This is so special 💛 Society places so much pressure on us ladies to be a certain way, we’re constantly being told that we’re too emotional/needy/fat/thin. It’s so easy to give into these pressures. Remaining authentically myself throughout the show is something I’m so proud of 💛 thank you for recognizing this 💛

  2. Jamie says:

    I think she will get a rose because Lee is also an entrepreneur. They will make a power couple. If not, his loss.

  3. Anon says:

    As a guy married to a strong, emotional (which is a good thing, not a bad thing) and intelligent woman, who happens to be an entrepreneur, I am a big fan of Jax Panic. I do see something in her that I saw in my wife early on, which is a lack of self-confidence. But as the show went on, her confidence grew, and I am certain that at this point, she believes in herself much more. She is real and she owns it. Jax, if you read this, just continue believing in yourself and, roll those eyes girl!

    • Tamz says:

      Lee made is seem that Jacky was not consistent. As if he is perfect. We all have different emotions and ways of dealing with it. His reasoning was lame.

  4. Annette Hamann says:

    I like Jacky. She’s so real and also very beautiful. I would be so thrilled to be a lucky winner. I have a handbag and makeup addiction. This is perfect for me.

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