Things you didn’t know when buying POLO merchandise in South Africa!

Things you didn't know about the Polo brand in South Africa!

Every fashionista knows the Polo brand and the infamous Polo logo…..well at least I thought I did.  

American Fashion designer, Ralph Lauren created the Polo brand in 1968 and it’s well known world wide. Being a fan of the latest fashion trends, I bought a lot of Polo branded clothes and handbags in stores across South Africa for many years……little did I know, it was not the Polo brand from the USA!😲

Some of you may already know this and some of you may be shocked at finding this out now. It turns out that the Polo merchandise stocked in stores across South Africa and the Polo Stores itself is a brand from South Africa, also called “Polo” with a similar logo. 

Look closely at the images below. The horse running towards your left is the Ralph Lauren Polo brand created in 1968 and the horse running to your right hand side is the South African Polo brand that was created in 1976. 


Yup that’s right, the world purchases the Ralph Lauren Polo brand and South Africans think they purchasing the Ralph Lauren Polo Brand…..little do we know, IT IS NOT THE SAME BRAND. When we see the latest Polo designs strutting the New York runway. it’s very different to the Polo handbag you have purchased in South Africa. The brands are in no way related to each other. 

Is it a coincidence that a South African company created a Polo brand without knowing Ralph Lauren already has a Polo brand OR was it to piggy back off an international brand, with a slight change in the logo? 🤔No one will really know the truth. It’s also not indicated anywhere that the Polo items in South Africa is a local brand. 

Why does this even matter? If you take your fashion designers and brands seriously then you do not want to be misled. I love South African brands but I don’t want to feel tricked into buying merchandise, thinking it’s the Universal Polo brand but it turns out to be a whole other brand, that is in no way related to the Fashion icon, Ralph Lauren. 

In terms of quality of the merchandise, I find that the Polo SA brand is excellent and the same goes for Polo Ralph Lauren. I definitely believe both are quality products, it’s just the misleading name and logo of Polo South Africa that does not sit well with me. 

So ladies, take out your Polo merchandise and see which way the horse is facing and that will tell you which Polo you actually have. Comment below and let us know which Polo is in your closet.


2 thoughts on “Things you didn’t know when buying POLO merchandise in South Africa!

  1. Annoyed says:

    I am shocked not only from being misled but how cool they say its a coincidence and the styles of the clothing and accessories are exactly the same besides the logo. Meanwhile the price of polo south africa products is insane. Mara why?? Polo SA must tell us on their site it’s South African but made in China. Am I a joke?

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