How to spot the difference between a Real Designer Handbag and a Fake one?


I will never forget walking into the Louis Vuitton Store in Rome and a simple yet beautiful  handbag caught my eye. I picked it up for a second and before I knew it, an alarm went off…….and the sound was coming from inside the handbag! Next I saw these Italian men dressed in black suits (Italian Mafia style) walking towards me and switched off the alarm. 

Eeeek!😧Sorry but it was on display and there was no sign in English saying “DO NOT TOUCH”.

Louis Vuitton

 That experience in itself indicates the value of Luxury Designer Handbags. Just touch it and the Mafia will be after you. Noted. 👍

Louis Vuitton Bag

My visit to China Town in New York City was an altogether different experience. Casually dressed guys will approach you and open up a suitcase with every Designer handbag you can dream of. Of course it’s fake and at a fraction of the cost. At first glance, it appears that you can pull it off for the real thing but the quality is very poor and it will not last you very long. 

You are better off purchasing more affordable brands like Aldo or Guess, where you will get a quality handbag that is still fabulous. It may not be Saffiano leather but it’s definitely better quality than the knock off bag.

Michael Kors

Fashion is no longer just a social status symbol. It has become personal – where you don’t care what the world thinks but you purchase what works for you and makes you feel good.

Should you decide to invest in a high-end Designer handbag, you will know you have a genuine masterpiece…..almost like investing in artwork from Picasso.

So how do you spot a fake bag from a real Designer handbag?

Watch the video below and you will be an expert at spotting the difference! This video is specifically for a Michael Kors handbag but the basic checks are pretty much the same for all the high-end labels.

Is it really worth spending so much money on a handbag?

Well the answer to that is YES and NO. It completely depends on your individual taste and budget. If  you admire the Designer and want a quality handbag made from only fine materials and 100% leather, then you going to have to pay the big bucks.

Remember you get what you pay for, which is the Designer label and the quality handbag. My favourite brands at the moment are Michael Kors and Coach. 👜

However if quality is all you want, then you can purchase a genuine leather bag from a less well-known Designer for less the price because you are only paying for the bag and not the label. I absolutely love this South African brand I came across, King Kong Leather. #NotFongKong 😉 

TIP: Purchase your Designer Handbag when the store has massive sales, usually towards the end of every season EXCEPT your really exclusive Designers – they do not have sales, discounts or any promotions at all. So if you love one of their handbags, make the purchase when you ready because the price will never be reduced. Exclusive Designers include Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci etc. 

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