Low-Calorie Festive Desserts!

Healthy Festive Desserts

The Festive season can still be enjoyed by those wanting to stay away from the merry calories.

You don’t have to sit at the table with celery sticks or skip dessert. You can make these easy, healthy and low-calorie desserts. It’s all about presentation and creativity! We have put together 5 of our favourites!


StrawMerry Santa


Create these adorable looking Santa’s with strawberries and whip together a cheesecake filling (plain low-fat cream cheese and sweeten with xylitol, stevia or your go-to sugar alternative.

strawberry santas


Kiwi Christmas Tree

Slice up Kiwi fruit, layer it to form a Christmas tree shape and decorate with pomegranate!

kiwi pomegranate Christmas tree


Spicy Santa Squares


Healthy spice squares topped with cream cheese frosting & strawberries. We love this recipe from Elisabeth & Butter! 

Santa hat brownie bites festive treat




A handful of raspberries dusted with icing sugar and 3 pretzel sticks sounds boring but present it like this and it looks heavenly…..without the calories!

raspberry Christmas tree


Candy Cane Choc


Indulge in a low-calorie, jolly chocolate drink that can be served hot or cold. To make this beverage, you will need unsweetened almond milk and low GI hot chocolate, we prefer Native Hot Chocolate! Add a candy cane for presentation. For a kick, you can add some Amarula or Bailey’s BUT remember it’s additional calories.


Traditional Christmas drinks. North Pole Cocktail with candy cane sweets peppermint hot chocolate or cocoa ginger ad milk.

Christmas is too Sparkly……..said no one EVER!


So get your sparkle on with a Boxful of Glam – Mistletoe Kisses!

Beauty treats to keep you fabulous throughout the season!


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