Top 10 Rainbow Hair Inspo!

Rainbow hair

Embrace your inner Unicorn by trying out Rainbow hair! It’s still a top trend that’s not going away anytime soon. Whether you want to try out all the colours or just a few….the possibilities are endless.

Here are some Rainbow Hair Inspo from Hollywood Celebs!


Katy Perry


The Queen of rainbows, glitter & candy, she sure does know how to rock rainbow hair! 

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Nicky Minaj


is like…….go BOLD or go home in this flamboyant array of
canary yellow, orange and dusty pink hairstyle.

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Kylie Jenner


Chopped bob haircut with mermaid blue ombre….how chic is this look!?! Love it!

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Star Hu


Star believes in Unicorns with this
Mermaid all the way hair style! A mix of
sassy & punk rock!

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Ivanka Trump 


You didn’t think Ivanka would make this list but hey she did
and it’s Business class all the way in this sleek & chic style!

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Lil’ Mama


The shortest and most stylish bob cut in sea green. #MermaidLife

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Kim Kardashian 


Kim stays conservative with this dusty pink shade
that says “I’m on trend but I don’t want to shout
it out with neons”.

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“Tick-tock on the clock but the party don’t stop”
screams out this pastel rainbow vibe!

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Ariane Andrew


Deep violet ombre style is totally voguish & on point!

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Blac Chyna


A trio of blonde, sea blue and charcoal ombre is bold and cheeky.

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rainbow hair


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