Takeaway…….the calories! 10 meal options under 700 calories at McDonald’s.


The Takeaway industry is a multi million dollar empire and the reason why it’s so successful is because it’s fast, affordable and convenient. 

There is nothing that can beat a home cooked meal but the reality is that most of us have demanding jobs and do not have time to cook every day. 

The next best option after a long day at the office is the McDonald’s Drive Thru, so we have compiled a list of 10 meal combinations that are under 700 calories.


Typically, you would go through the drive through and grab a Big Mac, Fries and a coke. They then ask “Up size?” and most of us say YES why not! You have just consumed 1502 calories and that’s just 1 meal!


Here are 10 options under 700 calories to enjoy, without the guilt afterwards.

Option 1

Big Mac & a small Coke 

646 calories

Big Mac and small coke

Option 2

10pc Chicken McNuggets & a small Strawberry Shake.

670 calories

nuggets and shake.jpg

Option 3

Filet-O-Fish burger, small fries* & any size Coke Zero.

 650 calories

fillet o fish, fries and coke zero

*You can swap the fries for ONE of these: Oreo Mcflurry, a Apple pie or a small Strawberry Shake.

Option 4

A Cheese burger, any size Coke Zero & for dessert a Hot Caramel Sundae.

659 calories

cheese burger, sundae and diet coke

Option 5

If you want to stick to healthy eating, then you can order a crispy chicken salad and a bottle of water. It is very low in calories so you can even have 2 salads, if you very hungry!

265 calories

Chicken salad

Option 6

6 piece Chicken McNuggets. small fries & any size coke zero.

592 calories

nuggets, fries, coke zero

Option 7

McRoyale burger & a small Coke.

699 calories

McRoyal and small coke.jpg

Option 8

You are never too old for a Happy Meal® Nuggets!

611 calories

Happy meal.jpg

Option 9

A Veggie Burger, Corn Cup & a small Coke!

611 calories

Veggie .jpg

Option 10

Jalapeño Chicken Single Burger, Iced Tea – Peach and 1 doughnut for dessert. 

640 calories

Chicken burger.jpg


  • Always try and go with diet coke, it has zero calories and you can choose any size drink you want! 
  • You can enjoy the Caramel, Chocolate or Strawberry Sundaes but as long as you are willing to give up the fries. 
  • It makes financial sense to order the meal instead of individual items, but then do not eat the fries and have a diet cold drink.



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