Declutter your home in 3 easy steps!

Spring cleaning your home can be a very therapeutic exercise. Feng shui, Zen….. call it what you want but ultimately your outer space has a direct effect on how you feel and function in your day-to-day life.

Start the new season similar to how the Italians welcome the New Year, by literally throwing out old pots and pans through the window, symbolizing letting go of the old and welcoming a new start.

Okay so don’t throw it out the window…. 😜 but let’s look at ways to make your spring cleaning simpler and faster in 3 steps!


Step 1

Assign 1 living space a week to declutter.

At first, you will be very eager to declutter your whole house in a day, but you will end up feeling overwhelmed and leave it half way.

One step at a time, one room at a time, is the mindset to have on your declutter mission.

Step 2

Start with the big items and then work your way to the small stuff.

Step 3

Ask yourself 3 Questions:

1. Do I use this?

2. Do I need this?

3. Will someone else put it to better use?

If you do not use it THEN you do not need it AND yes someone else will put it to better use!😏 

Sell it or donate it and continue going through the same process. It is a win win situation.

Follow the 3 simple steps above and your home will be clutter free.

Here are some tips for the main clutter spaces. 


  • Go through your closet and if you see a clothing item that you have not worn in the past year and does not fit you, sell or donate it.
  • Accessories – get rid of worn out handbags and purses that you no longer use.

  • Rule of thumb: Only allow yourself to purchase a new item, if you give away one item sitting in your closet, that’s not being used or else you will continue accumulating stuff that serve no purpose or use in your life.


  • Appliances take up a lot of space. Keep the ones that you actually use and sell or donate the rest to a charity in need of those appliances.

  • There is an expiry date on grocery items for a reason. Discard all spices, medicines, tinned food, sauces etc that has gone beyond their shelf life.

Living/study room

  • Donate all your old DVD’s that you no longer watch, books you no longer read and magazines to a school, who do not receive funding and will make use of these items.

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