5 Awesome Things To Do in Switzerland!

5 Awesome Things To Do in Switzerland! Clueless Central

If you think Disney World is magical, then you need to visit the breathtaking Swiss Alps! There is something so extraordinary, that one cannot even begin to explain the beauty of Switzerland. Here are my Top 5 Awesome Things To Do in Switzerland, that made my trip incredible! Add them on your itinerary when visiting this magnificent country. 

1. Mount Titlis in Engelberg.

Make sure you put this on your bucket list! Summer or winter, there are many activities to enjoy. My highlights was having a delightful lunch in the famous panorama restaurant with a beautiful view of the Swiss Alps and snow tubing on blankets upon blankets of snow to my heart’s content!

Tip: Hire out ski pants & jackets at the ski rental stores at the bottom of Mount Titlis. You will have fun in snow with the right gear on!

Check out the winter activities & summer activities.

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 2. Swiss Chocolate Adventure in Lucerne.

A fun-tastic experience for the whole family that takes you through the story of chocolate, beginning with the cocoa bean & ending with mouth-watering truffles. This multimedia theme tour is situated in the Transport Museum. I found it entertaining and almost a “Charlie and the chocolate factory” experience. 

Click here for more information.

Tip: Make sure you allocate at least 3 hours to experience the Swiss Chocolate Adventure & the incredible interactive Transport Museum.

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3. Savour a Traditional Fondue in Zürich.

In Zürich’s Old Town, there are many restaurants serving fondue but one of the most famous restaurants to experience this culinary delight is a quaint place called Swiss Chuchi at Hotel Adler. Their menu boasts a large variety of fondue, but I would suggest you try their speciality, Fondue Adler mit gereifteren Käsesorten. 

Tip: Make a reservation in advance as it gets booked quite quickly.

Click here to make a reservation online!

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4. Buy a luxury watch in Geneva.

You either earning the big bucks or need to save up to shop at the glamorous stores on the streets of Rue du Rhone & Rue du Marche, the high-end shopping district. You can spoil yourself by purchasing a luxury designer watch from Geneva, the heart of famous watchmakers! #Rolex

Tip: Decide on a budget before you shop or oh heck just buy it if you love it!

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5. Lindt Chocolate Factory – Kilchberg.

No visit to Switzerland is complete without going to the Home of Lindt chocolates, located in a beautiful village called Kilchberg. It is the first Lindt store that opened & you can purchase the original Lindt chocolate bar!  The store is located next to the actual factory where the magic happens. Click here for tours!

Tip: If you get lost trying to find the store, ask for directions…..if you are as lucky as I was, it may just be the CEO of Lindt, who I have to say was so passionate about the Lindt brand & even surprised me with a gift from the store. Is it luck or maybe just the magic of Switzerland!

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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

– Mark Twain


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