Make it a Stylin’ Profilin’ Limousine Riding Journey!


Someone once said that the fun lies in the journey and not only at the destination.

We are always so busy rushing from point A to point B. In between point A and point B is where the journey lies. Why not make that journey fun whenever you have something to celebrate about by hiring a limo or a vintage car. 

Instead of having to navigate your way through traffic, you can sit back, sip on champagne and enjoy the ride in ultimate luxury.


My partner’s birthday was on a Tuesday! A week day! How do you rock a Tuesday? I thought that we can go out for lunch as usual but how do you turn an ordinary lunch into something extraordinary? That is when I came across

Funky Rides offers a super cool range of limos and vintage cars. They are based in Gauteng, South Africa and travel throughout the country. You can also find a limousine company in your country on

Hire a limo for the Top 5 activities below, it will turn these ordinary events into extraordinary ones! Remember the fun lies in the journey!

1. Shopping spree with your BFF!

LimousineSpend the day with your BFF cruising in a limousine and making some stops at top fashion districts, a flea market and a have gourmet lunch afterwards. 

2. Anniversary Dinner

LimousineArrange for a limousine to pick up your partner from the office and chauffeur the two of you to a beautiful restaurant to celebrate your anniversary! #Romantic

3. Family Day out

LimousineTake the whole family on a limousine ride to a theme park, fun fair or even a picnic.

4. Mom & daughter spa day

LimousineHire a limousine to take you and your mom for a relaxing spa day in the country side.

5. Going on vacation? Need a ride to the airport?

LimousineGet your vacation started as you head to the airport. You can relax and unwind in a luxury limousine to give your vacation a kick start!

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